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Our Residents


We feel it is an honour to have the trust of our residents and to be part of their lives.


It is a privilege to serve our residents, many whom have played a key role in writing our history and contributing to the quality of life and freedoms that we enjoy today.  We are grateful for their example and we consider it our duty to continue building on that legacy in their honour.


Some of our best compliments come directly from our residents and their families.  We appreciate the incredible families who are valuable members of our team.





"It has been a Godsend in Resident (name removed for privacy) life to have landed in the hands of the kind and caring people employed at Heritage House.  Having the few previously challenging things look after him, such as meal preparation, cleaning and the administering of his meds, has made a world of difference in the quality of his current health.  But the REAL difference in his health has been due to the warm friendships he has developed with the residents and staff.  It is the singular element that has elevated his "mental health", which has ultimately been so beneficial that his prostate cancer has clipped into remission."


Resident Family Member


"Family (name removed for privacy) and I, as his closest family support, know exactly how precious a gift it has been to watch Resident "blossom", due to the comfort of the environment that you have created for your residents.  During every phone-call and every visit, Resident tells us how much he loves where he lives, and that it was the best thing that's ever happened to him.  He's also regularly grateful for the specific kindness that you have offered to him Marilyn (Heritage House Administrator).  It means a lot."



Resident Family Member

"Thanks to you all for the lovely "Spring Fling tea" yesterday.  The decorations, special cupcakes even the napkins were so cheerful and all added a real spring touch.


Feedback indicated the Scavenger hunt was enjoyed by the "hunters" so the results of all your work was a real success."


Helen Chase


"Dear Marilyn & Staff, We wanted to share our sincere appreciation to each one of you for the kindness that you offer our Dad.  Having good people like you around him has made his daily life a pleasant experience, and we couldn't be more grateful."



Resident Family Member

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