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Our Technology


The management of seniors and their housing and care requirements is a very important intensive exercise.  Benchmark Lifestyles has developed a tool called Careware that enables us to facilitate and streamline an efficient approach to managing both the housing and service requirements of our seniors.


With an extensive Information Technology background that has spanned decades, our team has developed and continued to improve Careware over the last 15+ years of Supportive and Assisted Living experience that today aides Benchmark in delivering consistent care and services to our residents.


Careware is a web-based portal that can be accessed from any web browser capable of 256-bit security encryption.  It allows the end-user the ability to completely manage a Supportive or Assisted Living Tenant from Admission to Discharge, including both prospective and waitlisted residents.


The following is a brief overview of how Careware works and the efficiencies and advantages it provides us in the delivery of services and care to seniors.


  • Facility management, names, address

  • Menu and Activity management.  This data along with resident move-ins, birthdays and anniversaries is automatically used by our Digital Display screen found in the Resident lounge.

  • Suite Census and pricing along with inventory on all suite maintenance and repair issues.

  • Bank deposits and resident billing reconcilliation

  • Automated HSCIS payroll reporting


  • Resident data management from Prospect to Admission to Discharge.

    • Lead Management

    • Personal and Demographic data

    • Suite occupation and pricing

    • Contact management, including both personal and professional

    • Monthly extra services

    • Care information

    • Diagnosis information

    • ADL/IADL information

    • Billing/Invoicing

    • ILBC applications and billing reconcilliations

    • Absentee information

    • Incident information

  • Resident Personal Service Plans (Care requirements)

  • Delegated Task Management

  • Resident Exit Journals

  • Resident Shared Responsibility Agreements

  • Resident Waivers

  • Suite Condition Inspections for both admission and discharging


  • Employee data management

    • Personal, Demographic, Employee dates and banking information (direct deposit)

    • Classifications and payroll information

    • Timesheet management

    • Certification management


  • Resident Care Aide Care Timesheet recording.  This data is constantly collected in order to confirm care times for scheduled and actual care that is delivered.

  • Staff and Resource Scheduling, for both care and hospitality tasks

  • Employee Performance Review management

  • Comprehensive reporting and forms management that outputs in PDF format for easy use and printing.


When someone makes one of our Communities their home, they receive all of this technology and convenience.


We believe that this progressive thinking and investment in technology makes us the best Supportive and Assisted Living provider anywhere.


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