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Our Company


Benchmark Lifestyles Inc. is a family owned company that provides senior housing and care solutions for a growing population of older adults.  For the past 35 years we have been exploring and building models of living and services appropriate for this new century.  As a family-owned company we are committed to helping other families.


Benchmark Lifestyles has over 50+ years of combined experience in designing, managing and implementing the development and building of a variety of senior housing projects.  These include nursing home, congregate care/supportive housing, assisted living and retirement communities.


Benchmark has been a partner in Assisted Living since 1999.  As past operators of congregate care and supportive housing, we have continued to build on that experience.  We have gained considerable experience in the field of Assisted Living and are confident in our standards of excellence regarding housing design, care solutions, program delivery, staff management and relations.


Benchmark Lifestyles Inc. was founded with a goal of providing senior living solutions that exceed the expectations of seniors and their families and set the standard for senior living province-wide.


Benchmark's vision is to provide seniors with an alternative to traditional long-term facilities, one that is dedicated to meeting the changing needs of seniors in a warm caring environment that supports the individuality and dignity of each resident.  Our community benefits from the expertise of our dynamic management team that is dedicated to the support of our local community-level personnel, consistent with the Benchmark Mission.


For more than 30+ years we have been exploring and building new models of living and providing health and services for this new century.  Led by compassion and human and economic foresight, we are applying successful, common sense approaches to living and caring for seniors, to create a community where seniors choose to live their lives with staff who enjoy "assisting" them.


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