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Benchmark Lifestyles.

Encouraging the importance of personal choice and independent living.

Discover why so many choose Benchmark Lifestyles.


Our vision at Benchmark Lifestyles Inc. is to make a difference in the lives of seniors, their families, and community, by providing housing and health care solutions that support and enhance their quality of life. Our philosophy of care is based on the desire to provide quality design and best practices, in a residential setting that promotes health and wellness, and protects the dignity, privacy, choice, and independence of each individual. 

Mission & Values

Our purpose or mission is based on providing the support that residents need to live as full and satisfying lives as possible. There are three key values which act as an important compass in our delivery of quality housing and care services:   


We respect the privacy, dignity, individual worth, and choice of each resident.  We advocate for their rights and we are committed to serving each client by catering to their personal needs and desires. We encourage residents to be involved in decision making, care planning, and the activities of daily living, with as much independence as possible. The resident’s need for security, dignity, privacy, and confidentiality, is respected at every stage of their life. The Golden Rule of treating others the way we would like to be treated is at the core of our values. Our goal is to deliver gentle and holistic care with respect, compassion, and understanding. 


Family & Community

We encourage an atmosphere of community among our staff and residents.  We want them to feel a sense of home and family in beautiful surroundings that offer physical comfort and emotional security. We strive to welcome and engage extended family and the community at large in a holistic approach to achieve health and wellness, and quality of life. Developing partnerships with others in the community builds bridges and supports long term sustainability.  If we have healthy seniors and strong families, it means that we all enjoy a healthier community.



Our staff, our residents, their families, and friends, are all valuable and contributing members of the team. Standards of excellence, honesty and integrity, are part of a work ethic that is promoted and supported by management.  Each individual on the team is entitled to learn and grow and feel a sense of pride and satisfaction in serving others.  Staff are encouraged and supported in their desire to acquire new skills and knowledge on a continuing basis, for their own growth, and for the benefit of those who are in their care.  It is our goal to exceed the expectations of our residents, their families, and our employees, by our commitment to deliver the highest quality of service and value.  Client satisfaction and peace of mind for residents and their families is the best indication that we are working successfully as a team.

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